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Stem Cell Hair Transplants vs Treatments

As a hair transplant surgeon, I often get asked about stem cell hair treatments and stem cell hair transplants. Many people confuse the two, but they are actually quite different. In this article, I will explain the difference between stem cell hair treatments and stem cell hair transplants, backed by research papers. Stem Cell Hair … Read more

The Keys To Making Informed Choices For Your Hair Transplant

When you first start losing your hair, you are bound to be worried, because losing your crowning glory is never an easy thing to accept. If your hair loss is truly severe, you would want to meet a specialist, who will tell you whether you are an ideal candidate for a transplant or not. However, … Read more

4 Tips on Grooming Post Hair Transplant Procedure

Making your hair presentable again in the aftermath of a transplant procedure – in which hair is restored to areas of the scalp from which it has been lost – is a long process. In this post we look at the final step involved in giving your locks the desired appearance following a hair transplant … Read more

Celebrity Hair Transplant Series: Jude Law Before and After

Jude Law Hair Transplant, before and after Jude law is an English actor and writer who at the age of 44 has starred in many Films and TV shows, from the recent Sherlock Holmes to the classic Talented Mr. Ripley, Law is no stranger to the spotlight. He has been nominated for 2 Academy awards, … Read more

Celebrity Hair Transplant Series: James Nesbitt Before and After

James Nesbitt: The Desolation of Hair Loss Actors, politicians and sports figures live their life in public. Every word they utter and every night they spend on the town is endlessly analysed by our voracious modern media. If they hold hands with someone it becomes tabloid fodder. If they utter an off-colour remark apologies are … Read more

Celebrity Hair Transplant Series: Calum Best Before and After

Calum Best: The Power of Positive Action For most men losing their hair is a quietly traumatic experience. We say “quietly” because on the outside most men face it like MEN. They stiffen their upper lip, say things like “Only girls care about how their hair looks” and get on with their lives. On the … Read more

Celebrity Hair Transplant Series: Wayne Rooney Before and After

If It’s Good Enough for Wayne Rooney… For a lot of men joining the armed forces and jumping out of airplanes into harm’s way is all in a day’s work. For those same men however, looking in the mirror day after day and watching their hairline recede is tough to take. Hair loss can cause … Read more

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